New SECTION-Control BOX Kits for «AMASPRAY+» Board Computers

For «AMASPRAY+» board computers there are now new SECTION-Control-Box kits available to control 5, 7 or 9 sections.

The SECTION-Control BOX (SC-BOX) is the convenient retrofit solution for GPS-based section control on simple sprayers. In addition to the SECTION-Control function, the SC-BOX also provides the option of connecting the ME joystick.

Produktnews_SC-BoxThe sprayer is easily and conveniently retrofitted per «plug and play». The original implement cable harness is maintained, only the SC-BOX and the ME terminal are added. The SC-BOX now takes care of regulating the sprayer. The hydraulic functions remain on the original operating device.

With the SC-BOX and the ME terminal, your field sprayer is upgraded with state-of-the-art technology. You gain access to all «APP & GO» precision farming applications.

You can find more information on this on the website:

Item No. Item Name AMASPRAY+ No.
30302674 SECTION-Control-Box for AMASPRAY+, 5 sections 3003130301
3030267401 SECTION-Control-Box for AMASPRAY+, 7 sections 3003130801
3030267402 SECTION-Control-Box for AMASPRAY+, 9 sections 3003130801