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New General Sales Manager

Press release from 25.09.2018 (press texts and image, available languages: DE, EN)

Type: zip Size: 5,84 MB

Press Release DLG Field Days 2018

ISOBUS control for modern hoeing technology – The renaissance of "well-tried" mechanical weed control

Type: zip Size: 1,79 MB

Press releases AGRITECHNICA 2017

Novelties introduction (press releases and images, available languages: DE, EN, FR)

Type: zip Size: 13,84 MB

Preisverleihung GESUNDES UNTERNEHMEN 2016

Pressemitteilung vom 20.06.2016 (Pressetext und Bilder, verfügbare Sprache: DE)

Type: Size: 1,01 MB

Pressemitteilung DLG-Feldtage 2016

Neuheitenvorstellungen (Pressetexte und Bilder)

Type: Size: 1,01 MB

Press releases AGRITECHNICA 2015

Novelties introduction (press releases and images)

Type: zip Size: 20,89 MB

SIMA 2015 Press releases

Diagnostic tool InsightMe - slurry and universal spreader solutions - ISOBUS terminal TOUCH800 and parallel guidance system TRACK-Guide III

Type: zip Size: 16,05 MB