Change in the EGNOS system


From September 2018 the availability of the geostationary satellites, which broadcast the correction signal EGNOS is adapted.


On the 1st of September, the satellite 136 was activated for operations. The satellite 120 was transferred from operating mode into test mode. Therefore its signals cannot be used any longer by GPS receivers. From 1st September the new EGNOS constellation consists of the active satellites 123 and 136.

We therefore recommend to check the settings of the GPS receivers A100, A101 and AG-STAR and if necessary to adjust the satellite 1 on «123» and the satellite 2 on «136». Alternatively, you can adjust the satellite 1 on «Auto». Then the GPS receiver automatically determines the available satellite. In the operating manual of your Müller-Elektronik terminal you get to know how the setting of this configuration has to be carried out. 

Manuals on our Website >>>


Operational constellation
before 1st September 2018
Operational constellation
from 1st September 2018
120 123
123 136


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