Müller-Elektronik introduces TRACK-Leader AUTO®, a highly accurate automatic steering system that meets the highest demands of the modern farmer

TRACK-Leader AUTO® is both the name of the new product family as well as the name for the app which is required for steering. Furthermore TRACK-Leader AUTO® Pro, TRACK-Leader AUTO® Iso and TRACK-Leader AUTO® eSteer complete the product range for automatic steering. With the new product range for automatic steering, Müller-Elektronik will be able to offer to almost any type of machine a corresponding steering system which guarantees highly accurate results and good value for money.


  • TRACK-Leader AUTO® Pro
    is the hydraulic version of the automatic steering.

  • TRACK-Leader AUTO® Iso
    is the upgrade version for tractors and machines that are auto steer ready and only need to be equipped with a steering computer.

  • TRACK-Leader AUTO® eSteer
    is an electric wheel motor, which can be installed on any machine quickly and easily.

With the new TRACK-Leader AUTO® Müller-Elektronik offers products with state-of-the-art-technology. Thus, the steering computer includes the indispensable 6-axis gyroscope, which facilitates the assembly and more important, it is responsible for the outstanding result of the steering. The gyroscope detects all movements of the machine, roll, pitch and yaw; regardless of the driven path it compensates perfectly uneven and hilly terrain. Another technical highlight is the electric steering motor TRACK-Leader AUTO® eSteer. A brushless drive, which operates almost silently and combines high torque with low power consumption. The biggest advantage is the simple and quick installation of the steering wheel motor. It can be retrofitted flexible and moved from machine to machine, which ensures the maximum utilization and a rapid return on investment is guaranteed.

Müller-Elektronik’s goal is to have retrofit kits for almost every machine or tractor type. Müller-Elektronik is known for taking a leading position, from now on also in the field of automatic steering. It took Müller-Elektronik some developing time to complete the product range. The success story started with the introduction of the new GPS receivers at Agritechnica 2013. With the models A101, AG-STAR and SMART-6L Müller-Elektronik can now offer GPS technology for every application of modern farming. Moreover, various, proprietary RTK solutions and the new correction signal “Terrastar” can be purchased directly from Müller-Elektronik. Thus Müller-Elektronik is now a full-service provider and can offer its customers everything from one source. Highest accuracy and repeatability for good value of money is the promise of Müller-Elektronik to its customers.

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