DUAL-Antenna Automatic steering starting at only 80 m/h


Particularly for vegetables and special crops, extremely slow forward and working speeds are required. The DUAL-Antenna offers the right solution with the extension of the product and function range for the hydraulic versions of TRACK-Leader AUTO® Pro and Iso steering systems.

To precisely determine the direction of movement and the lateral tilt of the vehicle, the DUAL-Antenna method works with two SMART-6L receivers with an RTK accuracy of up to ±2 cm. Thanks to the second receiver, very low working speeds starting at only 80 m per hour can be achieved. Moreover, the performance of the steering system will improve for low speeds between 1 and 3 km/h.

Müller-Elektronik offers a vehicle-independent bracket for quick and easy installation on the cab roof.

Item no. Item name
3030248960 DUAL-Antenna for automatic steering starting at 80 m/h
3130248960 Roof bracket for DUAL-Antenna
3130264341 DUAL-Antenna activation for steering job computer starting at 80 m/h