Change in the EGNOS system

Since 20. August 2015 a new correction satellite in the EGNOS system is active. This satellite replaces the correction satellite „126“. After this modification was activated, the satellite „126“ has been switched in the test mode. Therefore the availability of this satellite’s signal cannot be guaranteed anymore.

The new satellite is „136“. In case of problems with receiving signals from EGNOS with the receiver of Müller-Elektronik, because the new satellite “136” does not appear in the selection list, we would like to point out the following solution:
Receiver A101 and AG-STAR:

In the selection list of the satellites 1 and 2 of the terminal’s GPS driver software, the entry “Auto” can be activated. With this setting the receiver automatically searches for the best EGNOS satellites.
Receiver SMART-6L:
No new settings are required.

We are working on an update of the terminal’s GPS driver, to set the satellite „136“ in upcoming software versions manually as usual.
For more information about the current availability of the satellites can be found at the
EGNOS User Support.