Müller-Elektronik rewarded at SIMA 2015 for InsightME, a diagnostic tool for ISOBUS machines

Two years after receiving a “Citation” for SECTION-Control TOP (GPS-controlled individual nozzle switching), Müller-Elektronik was once again awarded at SIMA 2015 for its new diagnostic tool for ISOBUS machines. This innovation is above all mainly dedicated to professionals and is compatible with the whole range of Müller-Elektronik’s applications working on the last generation of the company’s job computers.

Müller-Elektronik is the leading European manufacturer of embedded electronic systems for agriculture. To take part in the continuous advancement, Müller-Elektronik now offers a new generation of job computers and machine applications compatible with the ISO 11783 standard. Willing to offer a system which is both efficient and easy to service, the company proposes to associate the InsightME mobile app. With this application, servicing a machine in the farm yard or in the middle of the field is not a lonely challenge anymore, but it becomes a well-managed operation, with the help of modern, connected and shared tools.

InsightME application on a tablet

InsightME application on a tablet

Thus, Müller-Elektronik offers a global diagnostic concept based on a communication link established thanks to a CAN / Wi-Fi gateway. This channel allows linking a tablet or a smartphone to the CAN / ISO 11783 machine network and enables the technician to communicate with the electronic units. In this way, the InsightME application allows to more rapidly identify the real cause of the failure, by possibly involving other persons, thousands kilometers away from there. Beyond this, this mobile tool can be used as a gateway to a distance service thanks to a 3G / 4G connection.

The InsightME app has been developed to be operated on different mobile equipment and offers several usage approaches, to respond to various situations. On the one hand, it allows a complete access to internal data of the embedded electronic system from everywhere around the machine. Indeed, the technician can be positioned anywhere on the machine and get precise information from the electronic system. On the other hand, this application makes possible the history file analysis of the electronic system. The last generation of Müller-Elektronik’s ISO 11783 compatible job computers effectively offers a large memory capacity to store numerous data that are then viewable on a tablet or a smartphone via this application. Finally, this diagnostic tool allows the remote intervention of a support service, which is also able to see and import data from the machine from its own workstation in order to more rapidly find the causes of a possible problem.

These advantages allowed the InsightME application to stand out from other novelties introduced to the SIMA Innovation Awards 2015 and to demonstrate one again the innovation spirit of Müller-Elektronik thanks to a “Citation” on the tradeshow.