TeachME is online

… with this area for e-learning, in which, as usual for microlearning, the course contents are conveyed in small units and short steps. An interactive terminal helps illustrate how to solve the problem or learn the operation of touch terminals from Müller-Elektronik (software version V02.20.15).


A101 configuration
AG-Star configuration
SMART-6L configuration
RTK-Modem configuration

Shape files

import of prescription maps
import field data
export field as shape file


AMABUS with TOUCH terminal
ASD with TOUCH terminal
AUX-N assignment
create Tractor-ECU
create V-ECU-Profil
set VT for machine control
set VT as secondary terminal
change VT number

and SECTION-Control

adjust SECTION-Control delay times

You can get more help from our YouTube video tutorials:
On our YouTube channel, you can find video tutorials that quickly and simply explain the initial start-up and operation of our products.

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