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TeachME Academy

Agricultural machinery is becoming more complex, and electronics increasingly come into play. Downtimes during the season mean losses of time and revenues. However, it is often only small defects that interrupt a harvest convoy. Therefore: Only those who command the technology can also use it economically.

At the TeachME Academy, sales partners who have already been trained by Trimble and implement manufacturers (OEM) have the opportunity to get to know the most recent technology directly on-site with the specialist.

The training courses explain the different functions and configurations of the implements as well as procedures for troubleshooting. Particularly the ISOBUS area represents a considerable challenge for service personnel. Based on models, participants will be provided with important information on operation and diagnostic. Through the combination of theory and practice, we guarantee optimal learning success.

The following training courses are available:

Training for manufacturers / OEM

Short description

Für Sie als Maschinenhersteller individuell nach Ihren Wünschen zusammengestellte Inhalte.


Seminarziel nach Absprache.

Target group The employees of the manufacturer/OEM
Number of participants Max. 10 persons
Costs According to expenditure
Location and dates

As agreed


Trimble sales partner training: Level I

Short description

The “Level I” training includes all aspects of Field-IQ and ISOBUS as well as an overview of ME ISOBUS ECUs, the aftermarket offer, and pricing.


Participation in this training course is mandatory for all dealers. Successful participation enables participation in the “Level II” Trimble sales partner training course.

Target group Trimble sales partners
Location and dates

This training course takes place at the Trimble Training Centre.


Course dates and other information can be obtained from your Trimble RSM or FAE.

Trimble sales partner training: Level II

Short description

ME aftermarket products and ISOBUS cabling, TOUCH terminals, aftermarket ISOBUS ECUs and configurators.

Prerequisite for this “Level II” training course is successful participation in the “Level I” Trimble sales partner training course at the Trimble premises. The configurators for the aftermarket ISOBUS ECUs can only be used and ordered upon successful completion of the “Level II” course.


Erst nach erfolgreichem Abschluss der „Level II“-Schulung können die Konfiguratoren für die Aftermarket-ISOBUS-ECUs verwendet und bestellt werden.

Target group Trimble sales partners, technicians and support employees
Number of participants Min. 3 to max. 10 persons
Location and dates

This training course takes place at the TeachME Academy in Salzkotten (Tuesday to Wednesday from 9:00 to 16:00).

The registration deadline is three weeks before the beginning of the selected training date.


Duration: 2 days


  • January 21-22 (fully booked)
  • February 04-05 (fully booked)
  • September 15-16
  • October 13-14
  • November 10-11
  • December 08-09

  • Registration:

    Ingo Freimuth, Director Technical Service
    Tel. +49 5258 9834 – 4400
    [email protected]