TeachMe Academy

Agricultural machines are becoming more complex and electronics find their way in more and more applications. Downtimes during the season mean a loss of time and money though it is mostly only minor defects which interrupt the harvest chain. Therefore only those who know how to control their technology can use it in the best economic way.

In order to help you do so, Müller-Elektronik, being the leading manufacturer of agricultural electronics and precision farming equipment, founded a new training center: The TeachME academy offers machine manufacturers (OEMs) as well as dealers and end-customers the opportunity to be trained directly by experts on site and on state-of-the art technology. In the trainings functionalities and configurations of the machines are explained, but also how to proceed for error management. Particularly the ISOBUS area has shown to be very demanding when it comes to service. During the training the participants are working on models to learn more about operation and diagnosis.

Three different training modules
In order to guarantee an optimum learning success the groups consist of a maximum of eight participants. Small groups also ensure ample time to answer individual questions. Currently there are three different modules to choose from. Each one is adapted to the corresponding information requirements and offers a well-balanced mixture of both theory and practice. You will be trained by experienced trainers with profound special knowledge. Upon completion, all participants will receive a certificate and in addition also the training documents in written form and as PDF file.

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