Save on upgrading to RTK accuracy!

The special offer Upgrade to RTK Accuracy * for the GPS receiver SMART-6L includes:
  • RTK activation for SMART-6L
  • GSM modem and antenna
  • RTK-Assist (free license for 1 year)
  • RTK activation for steering job computer
Item no. 3030220003

Special price:

only 3,499 €
(instead of 4,715 €)
You save:
1,216 €

RTK-Assist and Steadyline

RTK-Assist and Steadyline are functions of the SMART-6L receiver
to bridge over a failure of RTK correction signals.
RTK-Assist is the optional premium solution to reduce losses of accuracy in cases of RTK failure. RTK-Assist bridges over RTK failures using the precise TerraStar satellite correction data for a period of up to 20 minutes. Steadyline is the free standard function of the receiver to counteract losses of accuracy in cases of RTK failure. In contrast to RTK-Assist, only internal calculations are used to bridge over the failure. This can result in small deviations relative to the target track. Compensation takes place slowly so that strong jumps in the steering system are avoided.

* A Müller-Elektronik touch terminal (TOUCH800®, TOUCH1200® or TRACK-Guide III) as of software version V02.15.1208 and the GPS receiver SMART-6L as of software version V6.72S04 are required for the RTK upgrade.
The special offer is valid until 31.12.2017 and cannot be combined with other specials! The special prices are recommended retail prices without assembly costs, all specified prices do not include the statutory value-added tax and shipping costs. The offer is intended for individual buyers. For a binding offer, please contact your Müller-Elektronik sales partner. The figures can differ from the offer and may contain special accessories for which a surcharge applies.
The RTK-Assist function can be used free of charge for 1 year after activation. Activation must take place before 31.12.2017, after which time this offer expires.