You can rely on our customer service team completely if your ME product or one of its components needs to be repaired. But to enable us to carry out the repair as quickly as possible and to the best of our abilities, we need your help. Describe the problem in as much detail as possible and complete the form below.

When sending us the relevant product or component, please ensure that it is clean and in the best possible condition for repair. If necessary, remove any residues of chemicals or other hazardous substances.

We will always keep you informed about the current status of your repair order, but you are welcome to get in touch if you have any additional questions. We believe that it is very important to work with great care to ensure that your product is functioning perfectly when we return it to you. This attention to detail means that repairs may sometimes take a while so we ask for your understanding during this process.


Repair order (form)


At least 68.50 Euros will be charged for the review or the estimate.