• Simple and logical operation, only one key has to be pressed at the beginning of operation.
  • Continuous display of the current speed, area, operating time, area performance or distance covered.
  • Accurate area performance due to automatic forward and backward evaluation (e.g. dragging the cutter bar free) and part width adjustment.
  • Two rpm monitors guarantee trouble-free operation (range: 2 – 10,000 1/min).
  • ll numerical processes can be recorded by the events meter (e.g. counting bales)
  • Simple conversion of the computer to another machine means optimal use.
  • The universal area meter with rpm monitor

    The Unimat is an area meter with 2 rpm monitors and an events meter which has been tried and tested time and again.
    It is mainly implemented on tractors, combine harvesters and on other self-driven harvesting machines.


    • Powerful, well tried and tested microprocessor technology.
    • Clear insensitive tactile keyboard.
    • Robust steel casing
    • Large illuminated LCD display. The function displayed is marked by an arrow at the foot of the display
    • Function controlled sensors, indicated in the display.
    • Central plug: simple, trouble-free connection of the sensors
    • Self-test at switch-on
    • Storage of all determined and recorded data, even when the device is switched off
    • operating temperature from -10 to 70 °C.
    • Impulse recording “distance” from the cardan shaft, wheel, speedometer drive or signal socket on the tractor.
    • Up to 8 part width taken into account for the calculation of the area. Automatic conversion to the full working widths at the field end.
    • Sensors sealed, resistant against damp and dirt.









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