UNI-Control S

  • The UNI-Control S can be used all year round as a measuring, control and monitoring instrument with various machines. The software for all machines shown on this page is provided with every UNI-Control S. By means of a code in the switch box or in the machine adapter the corresponding program is activated automatically.

    Connected to the tractor, the UNI-Control S can also be used as an efficient area meter. Up to 8 rpm controls can be carried out on the machine connected. In addition the UNI-Control S has a counting device e.g. to count bales.

    Commitment to the environment

    The UNI-Control S has BBA approval. The device can be operated on magnetic, electromotive and pneumatic control chests with up to 12 boom sections. A balanced pressure function is not required, so that there is no tedious adjustment involved when changing the nozzle. The advantages of automatic control and the display function which are valid for the pneumatic fertilizer spreader also apply here.

    The signals of the Tankmeter or TANK-Control are evaluated. When connected to TANK-Control, the UNI-Control S switches the filling process off automatically. In addition the device monitors the pressure.

    Two high-capacity liquid flow meters with a measuring range from 4-140 l/min or 6-220 l/min are available. The UNI-Control S guarantees safe and economical use of pesticides, thus helping to reduce costs and protect the environment.

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