• Implement follows precisely in the tractor track
  • Reduction of crop damage
  • Correction of the tracks on slopes
  • Offset driving (crab steering) possible


  • Ensures automatic tracking of trailed implements

    TRAIL-Control ensures automatic tracking of trailed implements (with articulated drawbar or stub axle steering) in the tractor track. The implement can also be driven offset to the tractor (crab steering) both on slopes and on level terrain. TRAIL-Control therefore reduces crop damage and increases yields.



    ISOBUS application on TOUCH800®

    ISOBUS application on TOUCH800®


    A sensor on the tractor and one on the three-point hitch of the implement steering determine the current status of the overall system. Based on the current forward speed, the computer adjusts the required reaction of the hydraulic system. A slope sensor can be integrated as an option. It provides information on the slope of the terrain. Semi-automatic slope countermeasures can thus be implemented.

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