• High-performance parallel driving system
  • Robust 8“ Touch-Display
  • Intuitive operation
  • Expandable to automatic steering
  • ISOBUS ready




  • TRACK-Guide III is a guidance system of the latest generation. It is equipped with an 8” display and capacitive touch system, what guarantees a perfect overview and an easy operation. The mode of the internal lightbar can be changed to SECTION-View by wiping over the touch screen.

    TRACK-Guide III can be upgraded by multiple Options. You can either turn it into an automatic steering System or into an ISOBUS Display with Task Management and SECTION-Control.

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    TRACK-Guide Desktop, Version

    Typ: zip Größe: 10,77 MB

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    • Window with prescription map and multi boom-view

      Window with prescription map and multi boom-view

      Upgrade of the Task-Control functionality

      In order to keep up with today’s requirements modern machines have to be more and more complex: seeders are able to seed as well as fertilize, and fertilizer spreaders are able to apply multiple fertilizers at once, similar to sprayers with two control loops for the application of two products. Up until now no ISOBUS terminal on the market was able to deal with these complex demands.
      (Integrated only in Touch Terminals!)


      Further information on MULTI-Control >>>