• Can be used in portrait or landscape format
  • Up to 5 applications simultaneously
  • Latest touch technology
  • Customised expansion options thanks to APP&GO®
  • One terminal for all machines
  • ISOBUS standardised control and machine settings, reduces downtime, installation and Interface problems as well as calibration processes
  • Unrestricted visibility in the cab



  • TOUCH1200® is the latest generation ISOBUS terminal – unbeatable in terms of flexibility, versatility and user-friendliness. This device complies with ISOBUS standard 11783 and can be used on any machine which meets this standard, regardless of manufacturer.

    The TOUCH1200® can be used in portrait or landscape format to meet the user’s requirements. Up to five precision farming functions can be displayed simultaneously in a range of layouts and user interfaces. No other terminal currently offers this versatility! It is also one of the first to feature a capacitive touch screen. The touch-film is protected beneath the glass pane, making the technology ideal for tough, everyday usage.

    The TOUCH1200® includes as standard the machine control (ISOBUS-UT App) and ISOBUS task processing (ISOBUS-TC App). Touch-ME can be enhanced with a wide range of functions using the APP&GO® concept. In addition to parallel tracking (TRACK-Leader app) and automatic steering (TRACK-Leader AUTO®), the TOUCH1200® also offers the option of GPS-assisted section control (SECTION-Control app). And the comprehensive range of accessories such as cameras, an S-BOX, a LIGHTBAR and a joystick make the user’s life easier.

    All terminals are fitted with an integral Tractor-ECU (TECU) as standard. Even in tractors without ISOBUS, this guarantees that the machines receive information such as forward speed, PTO speed, working position and direction of travel. This information is essential nowadays because it is needed for precision farming applications.

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  • Window with prescription map and multi boom-view

    Window with prescription map and multi boom-view

    Upgrade of the Task-Control functionality

    In order to keep up with today’s requirements modern machines have to be more and more complex: seeders are able to seed as well as fertilize, and fertilizer spreaders are able to apply multiple fertilizers at once, similar to sprayers with two control loops for the application of two products. Up until now no ISOBUS terminal on the market was able to deal with these complex demands.
    (Integrated only in Touch Terminals!)


    Further information on MULTI-Control >>>