• Good value for money
  • User-friendly
  • Lower costs thanks to accurate application rates and smaller residual volumes
  • Short-term changes in application volume via +/- keys in 10% increments
  • Alarm function if the rate deviates from the specified target value
  • SPRAYDOS is a fully automatic control unit for field and orchard sprayers. SPRAYDOS provides area-based control of the application rate, depending on the current speed, working width and specified target value. The device supports up to 9 boom section settings with the main switch, manual and/or automatic control of application rate and up to 4 hydraulic functions (“short” SPRAYDOS). It also provides you with information about current speed and current application rate. An application rate to suit current requirements can be selected by pressing the +/- 10% keys. The application rate is accurately maintained even when forward speeds vary.

    SPRAYDOS is available in a “short” (see description above) and a “long” version. The basic principle of both versions is identical but the “long” version also offers up to seven additional hydraulic functions.

  • SPRAYDOS-kurz

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