• Easy handling
  •  ISOBUS system tested according to AEF specifications
  • High software fl exibility (confi gurator tool)
  • OEM-specific adaptation possible
  • The first ISOBUS system for slurry tankers to support all precision farming functions
  • Maximum functionality for ISOBUS slurry tankers!

    ISOBUS SLURRY-Controller MIDI serves as a control and regulating device for slurry tankers. In addition to forward speed-independent regulation, the system also offers a multitude of specifi c functions. With the intuitive menu navigation and clear softkeys, every function can be reached by pressing just a few buttons. All of the relevant information for the driver is visible at a glance on the work screen, and the filling, application and chassis areas can be directly selected. Especially when changing from field to road, this facilitates the operation and prevents operating errors. Thanks to the ME confi gurator, the system can be comfortably adapted – whether it be for a simple slurry tanker or a professional solution.

    The great flexibility of the hardware and software guarantee a compatible, stable and state-of-the-art system on the long term. The ISOBUS TASK-Controller functionality ensures perfect documentation via ISO-XML.


    The target rate is regulated through the flow measurement according to the forward speed. Hydraulic functions can be singleor double-acting. For the application, sequences for up to 5 mounted implements are available. All processes and functions, e.g. for a grassland injector, are stored in a sequence. Therefore, the driver must only press a START/STOP button at the headland.

    Sensors are used for example to monitor pump speeds or indicate blockages in the divider unit. The system supports the latest generation of CLAAS XERION-PHM modules. Up to 20 internal customer counters are available for easy documentation.

    Other functions

    • Drop stop
    • Working lights
    • Beacon
    • Chassis functions (lift axle, drawbar suspension, etc.)
    • Section control
    • Top link
    • etc.




  • SLURRY-Controller-System-2015-02-05


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