The PC program “SHAPE-ISO-XML-Converter” serves to convert prescription maps from shp format into ISO-XML format. In this format, the prescription maps can be used on Müller-Elektronik terminals.

In ISO-XML format, the prescription maps are saved as ISO-XML tasks. A task can simultaneously contain several prescription maps.

Properties of the ISO-XML format:

• Several prescription maps can be used simultaneously in one task. This way, for implements that have more than one metering system, you can use a prescription map for each system.

• The format is supported by all ISOBUS job computers, regardless of their manufacturer.

Your system must meet the following requirements:

• For the installation: PC with Windows XP, Vista, 7, or 8.

• The “ISOBUS-TC” app must be activated in the terminal. This app is used to configure and start the tasks.

• You no longer require the “VRC” app to edit shp prescription maps.

The complete operating instructions for the SHAPE-ISO-XML Converter can be found here:

Operating instructions for SHAPE-ISO-XML Converter

To install and activate the SHAPE-ISO-XML-Converter:

The SHAPE-ISO-XML-Converter is license protected. To be able to work with the software, you need an activation key.

1. Download the following zip file.

2. Unpack the installation file from the zip archive.

3. Install the program.

4. After the installation, start the software.

A window automatically opens with your computer ID and a field to enter the activation key.

SHAPE_ISO_XML_Bild_zur Anleitung






5. Fill in the form below. There, you must enter the computer ID.

6. The activation code is then immediately sent to you per email.


* = mandatory field

Security code (mandatory field)