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  • Precise single nozzle control system

    SECTION-Control TOP is the single nozzle control system manufactured by Müller-Elektronik. With this solution, it is not only possible to control each section, but also each nozzle can be individually and precisely switched on and off through GPS control. This increases the efficacy, reduces overlaps to a minimum, and makes a significant contribution to reducing costs and protecting the environment.

    Another great advantage of SECTION-Control TOP is the combination with VARIO-Select. This combination enables the largest possible application range or higher working speeds at a constant drop size.


    In addition to a SPRAYER-Controller, the system includes both a communication module and the corresponding pneumatic EDS modules. Per module, either four single, two double or one quadruple nozzle holder can be controlled. The EDS modules are simply attached onto the nozzle tube and connected with each other in series. Then only the nozzle holder still has to be pneumatically connected. The system automatically detects the position of the nozzles on the boom.

    Alternatively, the system can also be used as an inexpensive pneumatic section valve. Retrofi tting with single nozzle switching is therefore possible at a later time.


    Maximum savings potential

    In addition to the product savings of 10 to 15 %, the user friendliness probably plays the most important role. Thanks to the GPS-controlled switching and the accuracy of the system, the total overlap area is reduced to less than 1 %. If required, the nozzles can also be switched manually, this is then done in section mode.

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