• Quick and easy to install, no soldering
  • Gives you a state-of-the-art field sprayer
  • Brings returns from 37 ha
  • Saves time, money and resources
  • With the SECTION-Control BOX (SC-BOX), GPS-assisted section control can easily be retrofitted into simpler field sprayer systems, e.g. SPRAYDOS or SPRAY CONTROL-S. Upgrading is quick and easy, based on the plug-and-play principle. Just plug the SC-Box and terminal into the machine’s existing cable harness ahead of the original control box, connect up the power supply, and you’re done. No soldering required!

    In addition to the BOX you will need a SECTION-Control enabled terminal from Müller-Elektronik, such as the BASIC-Terminal or TRACK-Guide II. The SC-BOX and new terminal enable you to access all the precision farming applications available with APP & GO.

    You find further information about the SC-BOX, especially also about retrofitting, on the website

  • SECTION-Control-BOX

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  • SECTION-Control BOX