• Less overlapping and fewer untreated areas
  • Work at night or in poor visibility
  • Savings on inputs
  • Lower yield losses
  • Reduced pressure on the driver
  • SC-App

    256 sections or single nozzles – everything is switched automatically!


    This app provides GPS-assisted activation and deactivation of machines, machine sections or individual nozzles. SECTION-Control can control up to 72 sections or individual nozzles. The app conforms to the ISOBUS standard and can be used to control any machine which meets this standard, regardless of manufacturer. This means that just one app can control field sprayers, seeders, precision planters and fertiliser distributors extremely accurately at section level. Working with SECTION-Control A section is automatically deactivated as soon as it partially or completely projects into an area which has already been worked. This reduces the driver’s workload and ensures that no areas are missed or treated more than once. The control system takes account of the point where the input hits the ground. For implement combinations which cannot use machine control, TRACK-Leader offers the free SECTION-View function. Once the machine configurations have been entered, the screen header shows when the sections should be activated or deactivated manually.
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