• Inexpensive entry-level solution-
  • Easy installation and handling 
  • Monitoring of the seeding rate 
  • Can also be used as an area counter
  • Monitoring device for precision planters with seed counting

    PRECIMAT is a monitoring device for precision planters with seed counting. Up to 12 seeding units can be monitored with optosensors (optical sensors). It is also possible to shut off up to 12 seeding units. Alternatively, on implements with more than 12 rows, it is also possible not to use any monitoring and instead install up to 18 shutoffs for seeding units. In addition to precision planting, the PRECIMAT can also be used as a hectare counter for all other applications.


    The falling corn seeds are detected by the optosensor (infra-red barrier). Each seed triggers a pulse in the on-board integrated display/controller, which monitors each row for a predefi ned target rate. If the deviation from the target rate is more than 15 %, an acoustic and visual alarm is issued. The number of the faulty seeding unit is shown on the display along with the seeds/ha (x 1,000). In addition, a pointing arrow appears above the seeding unit icon. Pre-selection is made with the “Switch on/shut off from the left or right” buttons. The “- button” is used to shut off and the “+ button” for switching on.

    The PRECIMAT also determines the following data:

    • Bearbeitete Fläche pro Auftrag
    • Total area per task
    • Total area per season
    • Speed
    • Working time
    • Area output (work rate)
    • Distance


    System components

    • On-board integrated display/controller (installed in the tractor cab) for entering the required data and monitoring. In the case of a fault, an acoustic and visual alarm is triggered.
    • Implement junction box (installed on the seeder frame) with a connecting cable to the on-board integrated display/controller.
    • Optosensor (installed on the bottom part of the casing of each seeding unit) with a connecting cable to the implement junction box
    • Wheel sensor to determine the driven distance
    • Cable to the shut-off clutches



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