• Openness of the interface
  • Transparent data
  • Manufacturer-independent approach
  • Terminal and ISOBUS data are available
  • Individual solutions are possible
  • ITC-App


    Universal access to internal terminal data


    The ME ODI® app (Open Data Interface) is an open data interface that is available on the terminal. Using this interface, external applications can access the data provided by the terminal and in some cases, also by the connected ISOBUS implement.

    The great advantage here is the openness of the system, since every farmer, retailer, portal provider and solution provider or also manufacturer can develop their own smartphone applications to suit their individual needs. A smartphone or tablet can be used as a data hub and can also transmit the information to a portal (server).


    Possibility for exchanging data with ME ODI®

    Possibility for exchanging data with ME ODI®


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