ISOBUS Weather Station


  • Works on all ISOBUS displays- Weather conditions are documented via ISOBUS Task-Controller
  • Provides field-specific weather information in the cab
  • Supports on-the-go application decisions 
  • Configurable alarms for certain conditions
  • First ISOBUS Weather Station

    The Weather Station from Müller-Elektronik is the first ISOBUS-Weather Station in the market. It is working on all ISOBUS display, which are AEF-certified and complying with the ISOBUS standard 11783.

    The instrument informs you of instantaneous changes in the weather. Wind speed and direction are measured using four ultrasonic transducers. No moving parts results in better durability and reliability.

    The internal GPS engine and three-axis solid-state compass make it possible to provide both apparent and true wind speed and direction without the need to add additional sensors. The internal temperature and barometric pressure sensors help predict changing weather patterns.

    The Weather Station also displays the Delta T value, which is one the standard indicators for determining acceptable spray conditions. It is calculated by subtracting the wet bulb temperature from the dry bulb temperature. Delta T indicates the droplet lifetime in relation to the evaporation rate.

    No other sensor on the market incorporates all of these features in one compact housing.



    • AEF certified
      • ISOBUS-UT
      • ISOBUS-TC
    • Berechnung von Delta T
    • Display of
      • True wind speed and direction
      • Apparent wind speed and direction
      • Barometric pressure
      • Air temperature
      • Relative humidity

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