• Documentation of work and machine counters
  • Structured working methods based on task management
  • Savings on inputs and raw materials
  • Less crop damage due to over-application
  • ITC-App This app activates the TASK-Controller (TC) and therefore ISOBUS task processing. It is the link between the Farm Management Information Software (FMIS) in the office and implement control on the machine. The app records operations in the field automatically – in simple cases this will be field-based but with precision farming it will be position-related using GPS. Data is transferred by USB memory device or farmpilot. The TASK-Controller The TASK-Controller is responsible for task management in conjunction with the FMIS, and for recording machine-related counters such as working time, working width and area worked. The site-specific application volume (actual value) is also documented with an accurate GPS position.
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