• Simple recording of destinations
  • Wasted journeys and scouting trips are avoided
  • Reliable field identification
  • Savings on staff training
  • Improved organisation of logistics chains
  • Reliable navigation when visibility is poor
  • Reduced pressure on the driver
  • Customised expansion options thanks to APP&GO
  • FIELD-Nav – navigation right down to field level FIELD-Nav is the first navigation software to include every drivable route, take account of access restrictions, and guide drivers directly to the field or other agricultural destination. The system was specially developed for contractors, machinery syndicates and farmers. FIELD-Nav can now be used with all ME ISOBUS terminals, TRACK-Guide and Guide ME. There is no need to update these terminals – you just have to activate the FIELD-Nav software. Older terminals will need to be updated. GuideME is available in different versions, including one for a GSM modem which enables use of the farmpilot internet portal. This version is especially useful for supply / collection drivers in a logistics chain. The APP&GO concept enables a range of functions to be added to Guide-ME. In addition to ISOBUS task processing (ISOBUS-TC app), parallel tracking (TRACK-Leader app) and automatic steering (TRACK-Leader AUTO®), GuideME also offers the option of GPS-assisted section control (SECTION-Control app). And the comprehensive range of accessories such as cameras, an S-BOX, a LIGHTBAR and a joystick make the user’s life easier. All terminals are fitted with an integral Tractor-ECU (TECU) as standard. Even in tractors without ISOBUS, this guarantees that the machines receive information such as forward speed, PTO speed, working position and direction of travel. This information is essential nowadays because it is needed for precision farming applications.
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