GPS technology

The high-quality GPS receivers from Müller-Elektronik meet all your precision farming needs. Whether you choose EGNOS, WAAS, Glonass or RTK, we can offer the right degree of accuracy for every application. In RTK systems we can work with radio transmission or GSM. A number of modems for different ranges are available for radio-based RTK, enabling us to provide a flexible solution to all your requirements!

  • TerraStar-C

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    User information and order form

    Please note: For the use of TerraStar-L the TOUCH terminal software from version 02.15.1200 is required.


  •   EGNOS / WAAS                                                           GL1DE Karte 2 Karte 1          
  • A101 The A101 is a high quality (10HZ) DGPS-Receiver, that can be used with the cost-free signals EGNOS or WAAS. It is ideal as well for tracking positioning data as for parrallel driving and for automatic section control. Installation is done quickly and easily.
  • AG-StarAG-STAR is a premium (10HZ) DGPS_receiver, that can  additionally  to EGNOS and WAAS offer GLONASS and GL1DE functionality. Due to the GLONASS satellites the avialability and stability of the satellite signal increases. GL1DE is an internal method of calculation for positioning correction. Therefore the AG-STAR receiver can be applied worldwide.
  • SMART6-L The SMART-6L is a highend receiver and RTK-rover (20HZ). As a two channel receiver it offers the highest accuracy and repetability. The SMART-6L can be upgraded to a RTK-rover and for other correctional services.  
  • RTK-BaseIn the field of RTK-base stations Müller-Elektronik offers two kinds of radio stations. Both facilities differ within their transmission power and therefore their range. With the radio stations an accuracy up to 2-3cm can be reached. The 5 Watts base station facilitates a coerage of a 15km radius around the station. The second option facilitates a coverage of 35 Watts transmission power and can therefore reach a coverage up to 50km around the station. This radio station is not licensed in the EU.  
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