GPS/GNSS technology

Receiver and accuracy for every application!

The GPS systems from Müller-Elektronik offer highest accuracy, repeatability and reliability for every application.   

  • New from 2020: AG-200


    In the beginning of 2020 the new GNSS receivers from Müller-Elektronik and Trimble will be available. This new GNSS receiver was specially developed for agricultural applications that require high satellite availability.

    The high satellite availability is enabled by Multi-GNSS tracking. In addition to the American GPS and the Russian Glonass systems, the receiver also uses the European satellite navigation system Galileo and the Chinese system Beidou to determine the position. As a result, even more GNSS satellites are available, even in difficult situations, what increases the signal stability.

    With the free satellite based correction signals EGNOS, WAAS, GAGAN or MSAS, the AG-200 GNSS receiver is ideally suited for agricultural tasks such as section control, variable rate control or field navigation. The receiver achieves a track-to-track accuracy of 15 – 20 cm with these free correction signals. The AG-200 receiver can also be operated in regions that are not covered by the above-mentioned satellite based correction signals. As an option, the receiver can also work with a globally available Trimble RTX correction signal.

    The flat and compact design as well as the universal magnetic mount enables quick and easy installation on any machine. Various interfaces ensure future-proof communication with the receiver, either via CAN bus or via two serial interfaces.






  • g-200

    Der AG-200 ist ein GNSS Empfänger der neuesten Generation. Er ist ideal für landwirtschaftliche Aufgaben wie Teilbreitenschaltung, variable Sollwertsteuerung oder Feldnavigation geeignet.

    Der Empfänger arbeitet mit den kostenfreien Korrektursignalen WAAS oder EGNOS. Da der AG-200 neben GPS und Glonass auch die Galileo-Satellitensignale empfängt, wird die Verfügbarkeit der Satelliten nochmals erhöht.

  • NAV-900

    Der NAV-900 ist ein GNSS-Empfänger und Lenkjobrechner der neuesten Generation. Der Empfänger arbeitet mit einer Vielzahl an Korrektursignalen. Die Genauigkeit reicht dabei bis in den Zentimeterbereich.

    Neben den Bereichen Teilbreitenschaltung, variable Sollwertsteuerung oder Feldnavigation ist der Empfänger ideal für die präzise automatische Lenkung geeignet.

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