• Automatic height and slope adjustment
  • Accurate application distances
  • Prevention of boom damage
  • Prevention of drift through precise application height
  • Automatic height and slope adjustment for sprayers

    With DISTANCE-Control, Müller-Elektronik offers a distance regulation system for field sprayer booms. Ultrasonic sensors measure the distance from the plant canopy, which is then controlled by the sprayer hydraulic system. Depending on the boom design and hydraulic equipment, either DISTANCE-Control I or DISTANCE-Control II is used.

    DISTANCE-Control I

    is capable of regulating the boom height and the boom slope. The system consists of at least two ultrasonic sensors, one slope sensor and an angle sensor. It is controlled using the standard hydraulic system. The slope can also be adjusted using an electric linear actuator.



    DISTANCE-Control II

    enables additional active and individual control of the boom arms. This means that the arms can be tilted both upwards and downwards independently from one another using hydraulic cylinders. The boom is controlled by means of proportional valves.

    An ultrasonic sensor is mounted both on the boom arms and on the central part. The position and the angle of the boom arms are determined by a potentiometer or by means of integrated measurement systems in the hydraulic cylinders. The control of all boom parts achieves absolute high-precision distance regulation, even on very hilly terrain.



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