Agricon App


  • Operating resources are applied according to the current plant requirements
  • Savings of fertilizer thanks to avoiding unnecessary applications
  • Reliable during operation
  • Reduced workload for the employees
  • Legal requirements are automatically fulfilled
  • Contributes to more environmental protection
  • Automatic documentation of the applied quantities
  • agricon-App


    This app makes it possible: ME terminal becomes the standard terminal for the YARA N-Sensor


    This app enables operation of the Precision Farming Box (PF-Box) on all ME terminals. The software contains all of the agronomic applications required for site-specific cropping methods with YARA N-Sensors and P3-Sensors from Agricon. The current field of application includes sensor-supported N fertilization in all important crops, variable growth regulator and fungicide application in cereals and rapeseed as well as desiccation in potatoes.


    YARA N-Sensors and P3-Sensors from Agricon support farmers by detecting differences in the crops early on, allowing them to take immediate targeted action. While driving over the field, the sensors measure the light reflected by the crop on the right and left of the tramline. The ME terminal then directly displays the absolute N absorption by the crop.


    The Precision Farming Box (PF-Box) software contains all of the agronomic regulation algorithms for sensor-supported fertilizer application. From the measured N absorption, it immediately interprets the optimal fertilizer quantity or plant protection dose, depending on the scope of application and the module used. The PF-Box currently contains 808 regulation functions.


    Each recommendation is directly transmitted to the implement that is applying the respective product. YARA N-Sensors and P3-Sensors from Agricon can be used with all electronically regulated fertilizer spreaders and plant protection sprayers. The applied quantities are automatically documented.

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