« Every ambitious project lives »

Paulo Martella, Head of Development / Project Management


(Paulo Martella, Leiter Entwicklung/Projekt Management)




The required processes for the planning and implementation of each project are defined on the basis of the performance and product requirement specifications. The progress of the project is controlled by means of pre-defined milestones.

Experience has shown that, during the project process, requirements can alter. Only by reacting unbureaucratically to these changes are we able to achieve optimum project results. The flexibility of our employees is the most important factor here.

All development phases starting with the feasibility study and including prototype and pilot development right up to series production are documented and supported by development tools.

With our experience we are in a position to estimate project expenditure with a high degree of accuracy and, if required, at a fixed price.

Once series production has started our technical customer service is at your disposal.