New TRACK-Leader AUTO® eSteer mechanical drive

Several technical modifications on the new mechanical drive unit have significantly improved the ease of installation. The diameter of the track roller and the pivot arm has been increased. The assembly on the sprocket is thus greatly simplified.

Fig.2 Reinforced pivot arm

Moreover, the connector cable between the steering ECU and the MDU has been adapted. It now always has a connection for the wheel angle sensor that is available as an option. The formerly required adapter cable with item number 3030264275 is therefore no longer needed.

Fig.3 New connector cable for wheel angle sensor

For these reasons, you must use the following new item numbers:

Item no. Designation replaces
3030264297 ME_SET TLA TRACK-Leader AUTO® eSteer_Neu
Mechanical drive unit sales set consisting of a complete MDU with sprocket, universal bracket, connector cable and steering ECU
3030264296 ME_AR TLA MDU-G4 Lenkradm. Einheit _WAS
MDU with sprocket, universal bracket and connector cable
3130264358 ME_ZB TLA MDU-G4 Lenkradmotor mech. Neu
MDU with sprocket as a spare part

Please correct your documents accordingly. The market launch of the new item numbers will take place as soon as the existing inventories are sold. Existing orders will be adapted if necessary.