Müller-Elektronik extends its product range in the field of slurry and universal spreader solutions

Now, as an enlargement of the product range, ME introduces on the SIMA, the international trade fair for agricultural engineering in Paris, in the time of 22nd to 26th February 2015, its new slurry and universal spreader solutions. Of course these new ME products are ISOBUS systems. But in parallel with the UNI SPREAD-Control a cost-effective stand-alone solution will be offered in addition.

The ISOBUS solutions for the slurry tankers and universal spreaders have the same basis and offer therefore also the same advantages. Both solutions are cascadable job computer systems; with the number of the machine functions also the number of job computers grows, up to a total of eight per system. Both ISOBUS systems also offer numerous chassis functions like active suspensions, steering axles or hydraulic wheel drive.

ME-Terminals mit den entsprechenden Applikationen

ME-Terminals with the corresponding Applications

As usual ME offers its customers a complete solution – besides of job computers also operating terminals, joystick, cabling, sensor technology and servo-motors are available. In addition to the OEM variations in each case also a “small” solution with only one job computer for retrofitting is offered via dealers.

As the quite first ISOBUS solutions generally in the field of slurry tankers and universal spreaders the systems offer functionalities like SECTION-Control (only for slurry tanker), Task-Controller and also VARIABLE RATE-Control.

Nowadays another important aspect beside of the precision farming functions is the documentation. Here both systems can revert to a wide spectrum of possibilities for solutions. The job computers themselves offer in the base equipment 20 counters for the documentation of the daily work. In addition it is possible to refer to the ISOBUS-task management, the free TRACK-Guide desktop, to farmpilot and to an ISOBUS printer. Especially for agricultural contractors the printer is very interesting. It refers to a text file of the task management which can be printed directly or can be opened on every PC with a text editor.

To help the machine manufacturers in the large number of machine variations, ME supplies its customers a correspondent configurator together with the job computer, with which every machine can be individually configured within the shortest time. With this software tool the hydraulic and electronics functions are assigned to the job computer, the user interface will be created, the joystick control will be set and the implement will be configured. The here invested very low time expenditure means a big relief for the manufacturers.

From the middle of the year on the UNI SPREAD-Control will also be available for the universal spreader. This device combines job computer and operating unit in one housing. The UNI SPREAD-Control is planned as a lower-cost alternative for simpler machines with less hydraulic and electronics functions.