ME presents its new logo – Well known values in a new design

Since over 30 years now the family-owned enterprise Müller-Elektronik (ME) is considered a forerunner in the range of the agricultural electronics. Constant further development of our products and innovative new developments oriented towards the needs of our customers are integral parts of our corporate philosophy. Over the years the ME logo has become a brand name to which we feel obliged and for our customers an easily identifiable sign for quality.

Now we have put both important pillars of our company – advancement and tradition – in the balance and we are very proud to present our new logo at the Agritechnica 2013:


The colouring in red and black has remained the same; the new lettering is modern and straight. All together the logo presents a symbiosis from past and future. The signet reflects our traditional terminal design as well as the form of an app button. Apps and in general the focus software have become more and more important during the last years and stand therefore for the orientation of the company in the future.