ISOBUS Functionalities

A modern ISOBUS system consists of various components, including the tractor, terminal and implement. For system compatibility it is essential what the Universal Terminal and the implement are capable of performing – both separately and together. For increased transparency towards the user the AEF has defined AEF ISOBUS Functionalities that are now also the basis for the certification of ISOBUS products.

Precise information about which functionalities are supported by an ISOBUS product or a combination is provided by the new AEF ISOBUS Conformance Test including an independent certification. The results can be found on the AEF ISOBUS Database, where the data of all AEF certified ISOBUS products are published.

Further information:

Universal Terminal

icon_utThe option to operate an ISOBUS device using any terminal (UT) and to operate many different devices using a single terminal. In this way, one ISOBUS Universal Terminal can replace the need for a multitude of attachment-specific terminals on the tractor.

Each one can connect with any other, so long as they support ISOBUS. All other ISOBUS attachments can be operated using a single terminal – regardless of whether it was produced by the tractor manufacturer or the attachment manufacturer.

TECU – Basic Tractor ECU

icons_tcThis provides information, such as speed, power take-off RPM, etc. For the certification of this Functionality, a connector on the back of the tractor and a terminal outlet in the cab are needed.

Auxiliary Control

icon_aux_inAUX-O – Auxiliary Control (old), AUX-N – Auxiliary Control (new)

Additional operating controls, such as a joystick, which make it simpler to operate complex equipment; or the possibility to control functions on the implement using an additional operating control.

There is an old version and a new version, but these are not compatible with each other. This means that implements which are certified to AUX-N cannot be operated with implements certified to AUX-O, and vice versa.

Task Controller – basic (totals)

icon_tc_basManages the documentation of total values, which are useful with regard to the work performed. The implement makes these values available, and the data is exchanged between the farm management Information system (FMIS) and Task Controller (TC-BAS) in the ISO XML data format. This means that tasks can be easily imported into the Task Controller and the completed documentation can be exported again afterwards.

Task-Controller geo-based (variables)

icon_tc_geoOffers the additional option to collect location-specific data – or to plan location-specific tasks, perhaps using application maps.

Task-Controller Section Control

icons_tc_csHandles the automatic switching of partial widths, for example for crop-protection sprayers, fertilizer spreaders and precision seeding machines, depending on GPS position and the desired degree of overlap. Section Control can deliver higher yields while saving 5 to 10% of material inputs.