Electronic systems are currently the key driver of innovation in agricultural technology. However, progress is slowed by the lack of compatibility between proprietary solutions developed by different manufacturers, which often do not interact with systems from other manufacturers.
On a day-to-day basis, farmers frequently work with tractors, implements and machines from different manufacturers. The lack of standardisation between electronics systems from these manufacturers makes it very difficult to use them in everyday applications. The variety of proprietary solutions means that components do not interact smoothly or may not interact at all, and each implement and tractor requires an individual terminal to make communication (data exchange) and machine control possible. In the long term, this state of affairs is frustrating and unsustainable because it is not feasible to use innovative products. A solution was therefore needed – ISOBUS.

One technology– many benefits

  • One terminal controls several implements and machines, regardless of manufacturer.
  • ISOBUS standardises the control settings, reduces downtime and minimises installation and interface problems. Calibration is no longer necessary and user-friendliness is increased
  • The standardised, nine-pin plug makes it very easy to connect different components
  • Costs are reduced because you only have to buy one terminal
  • Visibility in the cab is not restricted, bringing improvements in safety
  • ISOBUS improves operating efficiency and optimises timings as data can be exchanged between the farm PC and the terminal
  • ISOBUS is essential for producing flawless documentation and in precision farming