High-level visit to ME

On 3 June Eckhard Uhlenberg (middle), 1st Vice President of the North Rhine-Westphalia State Parliament and former Agriculture Minister, visited the company together with our Member of the State Parliament Volker Jung (fourth from left), mayor Michael Dreier (fourth from right) and other councillors, to find out about agriculture, electronics, investment and generational change.


Farming is familiar ground for Eckhard Uhlenberg – and not just because of his work as Agriculture Minister. He grew up on a farm and learnt about farming when he was young.

During a guided tour of our company, the visitors quickly became aware that agriculture is now a high-tech business and can operate large machines with millimetre accuracy thanks to the latest technology. There was particular interest in the company’s constant growth, as evidenced by the construction of new production facilities with an area of 6,000 m².

Quote from Volker Jung, Member of the State Parliament: “As a second-generation family business Müller has close connections with this region.”